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Dark humor from writer/filmmaker  Jim DeVault. A 10-year-old pshych girl's spirit doesn' like the family that's moving into the house she's haunting!

More dark humor!
A traveling side show in the guise of a tent revival. And Death is along for the ride.

A beginners guide to the world of cheesy movies, by someone who loves them!

Follow-up the Shoot the Director, this volume defends the so-called "worst move ever made" by giving examples of why it isn't.

Vampire horror with a touch of erotica...sometimes simultaneously.

Make your own movie! This book doesn't tell you how to make a movie (lots of books do that), but gives solid advice on how to get your movie made, by someone who's done it many times.
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Official screener at the 2015 Famous Monsters and Twisted Tails film festivals

An old-school vampire tale that begins the Blood Reunion Trilogy!

Murder mystery with some rather grisly murders!
Goin' Green
Buy America/Promote America
By Green and blue in a red state
Aug 31, 2011 10:02:51 AM ET
Time we real patriots Buy America. It is time American made products are all labeled to be identified without trying to read the fine print.

Just looking at products made in America in my bathroom (girl's room) but, hey, you guys can do the same thing.

I found White Rain hairspray, TRESemme hairspray, got2b glued, St. Ives renewing collagen elastin, Irish Spring soap and antibacterial Hand RX all made in America.

Not distributed in America but actually made in America. All of these had to be on sale and all had to be reasonably priced. That's the only way I can afford to shop.

Of course, I have been buying America for quite awhile but for ordinary shopping of household and personal necessities, I find it is often difficult to actually read the fine print that identifies the item made in the USA. Irish Spring has a nice identifiable label - made in USA on the back of the box.

I also go to "Made in America" thru internet search and it has a great selection - some are catalogs, union label products, distributors others are individual manufacturers.

Following the Union label, I came to a site, EthiXmerch which has many promotional items, all America made. T shirts can be purchased as low as $5.47 and as few as 24 pcs.

It is time our party and all our team make a promise to buy America Made campaign and promotional items. As much money flows thru campaigns it could mean much for American businesses. (Especially small business.)

Many of these companies offer green (all recycled) American made products. Most prices are very fair and competitive.

If you are in to jeans, check out Buddy's Jeans - Hebron, Ms.

There are so many great selections and so much to "check out." There is cookware still made in the USA. Let's get all "American made" products in our home and on our backs and in our organizations. It's time!

Solyndra - whose at fault?
By Green and blue in a red state
Sep 22, 2011 2:33:33 PM ET

Solyndra - Solyndra was a part of the 2005 Energy Policy Act created by the Bush Administration in 2005. 143 admissions were presented to the Department of Energy (DOE) during that time for government approval at which time the DOE recommended 16 after being reviewed. In 2006, that 16, one of those firms being Solyndra, were advised to file a full application after further study and due diligence. A dozen firms applied, one of those being Solyndra. In the final days of the Bush Administration, the Solyndra project was found to have merit but put on "remand" ,without prejudice, for further investigation, with a tenative decision date of March, 2009. In March, 2009, under a different President, the same committee that remanded the project under the Bush Administration, approved the loan. It was noted that the loan would not go thru until September, so there was additional time to do "more due deligence", if necessary. The email that has been used by the media, as the President being forwarned about the project not being ready for "prime time" was not related to the loan agreement or financial warning, but the fact that the Office of Management and Budget was suggesting more steps were needed to finalized the project and the visit would be better at that time. The President did visit the factory but, at no time, did he make any announcement, he promoted labor, factory and green energy in his visit. The media twisted the news to look as if the loan was a favor to Obama because one of the investors (under a 501 nonprofit) was a contributor to the President. The truth is, the President of the Company was a Republican. Madrone Capital Investments, a venture capitalist firm tied to the Walton (Walmart) fame and is GOP leaning, helped Solyndra raise 144 million dollars in 2008. Two of the lobbyists in Washington previously worked for Republicans. The Obama Administration did not restructure the loan. The loan was restructured because the company was asking the venture capitalists for more investment money. The loan was structured so that additional capital invested would be covered in case of a failing. The government agreed to this because the consensus with the government was that the firm was more valuable as a going "concern" to them, then a "closed factory." On and on it goes........and some of these news reporting agency used to be creditable ones.

Dallas Morning News, Section, 13A, Monday, September 19th, 2011
"In a fresh indication of growing public anger over pollution, hundreds of demonstrators in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang on Sunday were camped outside a solar panel manufacturing plant that stands accused of contaminating a nearby river. The demonstration was the latest move in a four-day protest that has sometimes turned violent. Some protesters have stormed the 5-year-old factory compound in Haining, roughly 80 miles southwest of Shanghai.
The factory is owned by JinkoSolar Holding Co., a Chinese firm with more than 10,000 employees."


Do these solar panels pollute your house when it rains, just like they pollute they Chinese rivers?

So it has been drywall, dog and cat food, jewelry, baby food, promotional glasses. And that does not include what we don't even know about.

Think about it, is profit and bonuses so important that you have to turn to China for cheap, 5th rated materials and goods.

Only to cause much grief, jobs and quality of goods and life just to end up making it right - and more than likely, less expensive than the cost of fixing it.

I don't know how many of you want to use goods produced by child labor or at the expense of the environment of other countries. I certainly don't. Buy America!

School for Thought
By Kara Koloini,
Dallas Morning News Neighbors go IRVING/COPPELL
Picture The library at Lady Bird Johnson Middle School features alternating opaque window panels that help block incoming heat. It has a special section devoted to books on the , climate change and energy awareness.


....About 3,000 solar panels generate 99 percent of the energy used in the building.

....A dozen 45 foot-tall wind turbines generate the remaining 1 percent of the energy.

....105 geothermal heat pumps connected to 468 wells that are 250 feet deep transfer heat out of the building in the summer and into the building in winter, reducing energy usage by 30 percent.

.....The school uses light shelves, horizontal shelves that bounce visable light throughout rooms, and daylight harvesting, automatic dimming or switching of light fixtures based on natural light in the area.

.....Roof drains collect rainwater to irrigate parts of the landscape, one water well, 1,800 feet deep, is available for the remaining area.

.....The cafeteria has a pulper for students to grind compostable waste into resusable pulp, which reduces the amount of garbage by 53%.

.....The Energy Star-rated kitchen operates on 100 percent recyclability, dishwashers arn't necessary because plates and plasticware cand be turned back into pulp...........


The school is 150,000 square feet and will produce as much energy as it consumes in each 12 month period.

It is designed to be a comprehensive lesson in sustainability for its 945 students.

All Irving students will take field trips to the school, which is designed to host 60-70 vistors daily, and will have 24/7 access to a sophisticated monitoring system depicting real-time data of the school's energy production versus its consumption.

Vistors from outside the district have already visited or will also explore the state-of-the-art facility.

The building cost only about 10-12 percent more than the cost of building the average middle school which will be recouped in the next decade through energy savings.

Other savings will include much lower maintenance costs because of the type of building it is.

The answer may be renovating, rebuilding, re-structuring and cleaning up our country. It may be time that we salvage the industry and the country by retrofitting. What if every renovation of property included energy efficient fittings, white roof replacements, energy efficient heat and air. How much money could consumers save? When I replaced my old air conditioner, (sounded like it was ready for take-off) when it was turned on - my electric bill dropped less than half. How much oil could we save? How much water could we save if plumbing was upgraded? If every building replaced were built for 50 years of energy-efficiency.

The new "Lady Byrd Johnson" school opening tomorrow in my town is a "net-zero" school. It supposedly with produce as much energy as it uses. Don't ask me? But it certainly sounds worth looking into for all new buildings. Not sure this school will produce its own flowers and plants for landscaping - my bet is that it will. It is also to be a learning process for the children - what better education can you have, then plant something and watch it grow and bloom! Certainly, we can figure out how we can produce and purchase what we would need for rebuilding, renovating and retrofitting in this country. It certainly should be something well thought out, planned and geared toward small, proven businesses.

Community or area based. Projected in States and areas that have high unemployment and fairly distributed. It might be done with matching funds (fill in the blank.)

What if technology could help by listing all small manufacturers or suppliers in the country with a simple, inexpensive list where a community or area could find some of their needs that might not be available locally?

Is there a way to make a country that is not working - work! Can we turn a sow's ear into a silk purse!