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toplofty's news

Will someone please tell me why Bernie Sanders is accepting the maximum contributions from Ben and Jerry?

I mean, these guys made the sweetest and one of the most Wall Street lucrative deals -- selling ice cream, nonetheless, for $312 million.

Now that's some sugar!

And, special interests, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, what do you call all those huge-eee-contributions from Unions? Non special interests!

And are you lucky, Mrs. Clinton is too nice to have you and yours vetted! Is Vanity Fair's article true?

What do you think Mrs. Clinton spoke about at Wall Street? How she was going to sabotage America and escape to Russia?

What was Mrs. Clinton supposed to tell the Bankers -- Don't offer me that much money, I am not worth it?
And if rumor is correct, Mrs. Clinton often "promoted the glass ceiling" and also gave some speeches free to promote equality.

And your tax returns, Bernie?

Not that we are voting this year, we missed the (May 9th date in Texas) to register as independent and will bypass the Democrats because they have moved too far to the left.

We don't have a hu-u-u-u-u-u-ge family but we did bring out a nice group for both terms of President Obama.

He might be the last President with any finesse and sophistication.

As they say in France: C'est La Vive!

Right too right and left to left!

Hello, my darlings,

Where have you been, lately?

Following the Hillary Clinton scandal with the emails.  What happened to the Bush email scandal and the disappearance of the Colin Powell  war emails?  Just like that -poof!  Huh!

One thing about the 'Publicans, they learn cheap tricks well and try their best to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse--n other words they turn their scandals into a Democratic problem-- and if it does not work out, they scream, "left wing media!"  

So, how did that work out for you in the last Republican debate?  

Fox News let the idiot talk shows continue--in other words, "Hannity."   The old "throw the ______ against the wall  and see what sticks."

The "Fair and Balanced News" of Foxy is never fair and balanced and usually shows one side  especially the high school level show of "Hannity."  

In the presentation of the "Fast and Furious" never did they mention that the program was adapted from the Bush Administration's program "Operation Wide Receiver."   American guns have moved from the American Borders in a "Fast and Furious" manner, and it was long before the Obama Administration.

Check it out on U Tube, the laughing old arms dealers enjoying selling hundreds of assault weapons to the pretty young girls.  What are the requirements?  As far as they are required--or so they believe.  

They have to ask, "So, what do you want a 100 assault weapons for?" "Christmas presents."  HA! HA!

And these are the legitimate ones!

The Solyndra scandal.  Bush administration!  Eleven of 140 something accepted solar projects, originally approved and paid for by the Bush Administration.

What happened to the disappearing American plane that supposedly had 12 billion  American dollars that were transported out of "Hussein castle?" The Bush administration said, "Oh, we don't know anything about that!"   OOPS!

 They gave Cheney a heart.  One of the most evil men in the world and they gave him a heart! A "heartless day in America."  

So how is that hopey, feely change workin'  for u  now!

U Go Don Trump!!!


A wicked Halloween to all. Phantom Blogger, here.

Took a while off to analyze the State of Affairs and came up with some observations.

So what is going on with the Clinton emails?  The day of NSA spying exposed, and the government's lackadaisical protection of its employees' ID information.  Espionage?

 The Democrats do not seem to be capable of the counter attack.  What should be considered first before giving any credibility to the message -- is to consider the messenger.

That the same organization, Judicial Watch, is the same organization that tried to bring the Clintons down when Bill Clinton ran (twice) for President.  The original head of this organization started with the premise of throwing all the "trash" against the wall, find out what sticks, and put it out there to gain publicity and "Fund Raise."

If the Democrats were really on top of it – they would sue Judicial Watch and subpoena 25 years of this organization's newsletters and their partiality would be apparent, their wretched journalistic tricks, and "horrible" journalism.  They also tried to tear the Obamas to shreds -- so how did that work for them?

Fox News gave them a new audience and a short sighted show host, who was prime for the "s---t against the wall journalism."  When talk show hosts run the country with idle "BS"-- well, you think government is bad...

Check out much of the "Tea Party."  Much of it came out of Texas, and Texas has been full of bad politicians -- Yes, Phil Gramm brought down "Glass Steagall" because he wanted to marry the insurance and banking industries. Dick Armey, one of the original Tea Partyers. Texas wallows in money they take out of Washington, with all their Representatives and appointments as "committee" heads. That is the ones that weren't sent to prison, or started "Super Pacs."

As far as Super Pacs go, maybe we should just accept them since they have been "legitimized" by the Supreme Court.  It looks like they might be a new "business" which employs lots of Americans -- off and on.  So let the Super Rich pour their money into campaigns and aid the economy because it doesn't seem as if "they can buy politics, anymore."  Why not? Besides, the mainstream seems to have new enthusiasm for politics.

Oh, and that 503 and 504C Federal Tax law of the 1950's.  It was never meant for businesses, but was for "social welfare" and to benefit communities to "fund raise" for their local "teams and projects."  Read Back to the Farm and you will see this was the same "hyper bad journalism and talk show gossip" that turned it into an "imaginary" injury to political groups who wanted to intimidate the IRS into accepting it as a form of “tax evasion” for their various endeavors.

The good part of politics now: there is nowhere to hide. The elected Representatives have written so many bad bills and so much for their self- interest -- it’s all mumbo jumbo, including the 73,000 pages of tax laws.  Now, we know why it's so complicated and why the constant 2 year extensions. It's a fund raiser gimmick for selling votes for tax favors!

Yes, folks, next chapter, we can look at the rest of the so-called "scandals" and the truly horrible, "faux journalism."  C'est la vive.

Au revoir.

Hello there, Toplofty here! 

Tonight waiting on the big debate and choosing my favorite.  It was Rand Paul but he seems to be in a quagmire with his selection of a "Super Pac" leader, who is in trouble. 

Walker is out because he has much to do with the destruction of the "middle class."  Don't like the way he treated schools, teachers, government employees and his disrespect for the Unions and the Union workers.

Bush is too wishy-washy, is evidently a very nice gentleman, and exactly right about his father (one fine person), as is the entire Bush family.  The "Texas" Bushs would have been very admirable, if not for his Vice President, which, I feel, created a "deadly duo."  The atrocities that went on in Iraq, for no other purpose than a power grab and an "open checkbook" to Haliburton and the coglomorates surrounding it.  Don't think we need any more "War Mongers!"

It’s time for a "World Bank of PEACE" and possibly a new "agreement" to bring "Peace" especially to those in the "Middle East" --

"The Big I" has to go and they will when they are cornered (all dressed up and no place to go.)

Some of these billionaires need to put technology to work and find "homes" for those many who are displaced.  I read about a town in ___________ that had become safe, modernized, jobs created and most of the population had become educated, even the girls.   It had been a tourist spot before 9/11 and is evidently a place of beauty.  There were still some rough spots, such as not enough electricity but there was fresh water, food, housing, community...

There is a wealthy Prince who evidently has helped many through his philanthropy.

This Prince has a budget of $600 million and operates in 30 countries.

So what if technology were put to work to find "Utopias" that could be developed as "safe havens" and into cities with schools, community gardens, fresh water...

For Africa, also.

Did I not just read that a "Saudi Prince" was giving most of his wealth to Philanthropy?   Technology could help with co-ordination of this, also. If security could ever be figured out?

This would be a good project for some retired world leaders. No?

Here's a "yell out" to those Kurds, who have shown such ambition, such bravery and fabulous character in their fight for their communities and countries.  How about those Kurdish women?  Good people, all around!

Where was I?  I am hoping that the Iran Deal will go through.  Hoping, also, their people (especially the youth) will have opportunities open up to them and they will help bring "peace" to the Middle East, and let our prisoners come home.

In a way, we have their money tied up.  We certainly know how to "become" top bosses!  Yes?

If we follow the Bible and such good Christians, does the "hotbed" situation of much of the world, not seem like the Apocalypse and the 2nd coming of Christ!

Has the World become so literally evil, Christ finds the only solution is to clear out to start over again? 

Then what do we have to lose!  Maybe, the New World Order will stop the brutality!

Life was so much easier and less painful when we knew so much less (news, just a few times a day and not much about politics).       Cable will do us in!!

Very Interesting...

President biding his time going after Snowden. NO rush. Guess he is telling Snowden he isn't worth the trouble to rush bringing him back
...Bet Congress takes its good "ole" time working on the "Immigration Bill."

...reading a book that shows what a "monster" Congress has created for the IRS and how dysfunction it is. Congress evidently likes it that way. Congress also has a bad habit of approving a "program" to make IRS work more efficiently and effectively – then pulls the funding Seems Congress keeps breaking the kneecaps of IRS and then finds anything to make IRS look bad. maybe a trillion lost in individual tax fraud and scams and another trillion in corporate loopholes.
check out Toplofty.org for the article tomorrow.

...Paula Deen misspoke 40 years ago. Racism or a bad situation.
Paula said she was being robbed with a gun to her head!


It's Time to Come Up with A Viable Plan...

Hey there! It;s time  to come up with a plan. A plan for the next 4 years in office. This should include:

The Jobs Bill now sitting in Congress. This Bill should have restrictions for States, only, who will use it to actually produce jobs. Jobs that update schools, roads, bridges, communities. If it is true that 142 elementary schools in Chicago do not have libraries - that is sinful. Governors should start working immediately on how to best use their dollars and go to cities and areas most in need. Do not send it to Governors that used it previously to balance their budgets. Have the Governors office fill out “complete sheets” detailing how they used their previous dollars.

"Kill the 2006 Post Office bill and re-evaluate the status. The Post Office hires many veterans. I guarantee you, there is not a company out there that can deliver mail to every corner in the country for 44 cents. Cut Saturday service - turn the pension and medical contributions back. Mail plenty of letters, send those packages by parcel post. Those postal workers do a marvelous job and have been since they carried the mail by horseback! It is as much a part of our history as Mt. Vernon and Monticello.

Have a great program for veterans, soldiers and first responders. Ten years to decide whether cancer victims First Responders should get treatment is absolutely scandalous! Those First Responders should never have to prove that ground zero caused seriously illnesses.

If we don’t take care of our heroes and fighters, who deserve the care, we are no more than a “frivolous, "showoff nation, with little ethics and lots of depravity."

Change the Food Stamp program to cover only basic food groups. The reason I say this, -there are too many mixed messages out there - that just do not make sense! One is that the poorest people are the heaviest! Another is that Americans throw billions of pounds of food away each year! And fraud seems to run rampant in these programs. The Obama Administration and the DOJ seem to have done a good job at going after the fraud even though Congress tied their hands as far as hiring nearly enough agents to keep up. Much of the fraud comes from the "private business.." The same applies to medicaid and medicare. Much of the problem is the lack of rules, regulations and discipline in these fields. When Congress throws money to Corporations, with no accountability- than you get very wealthy “lobbyists” and very expensive medical care. The doctors, the medical profession and the patients suffer and "K" Street Congress leftovers stuff their pockets. "Newt Grinch and Rick Sanatorium." Do not end the deductions for home mortgages and corporate medical insurance paid for partially by your company. Do you realize, if this is changed, your health insurance cost twice as much because you lose the portion the company pays into it.Tax Reform. End the Bush tax cuts – except for $250,000 to $500,000 wages.

Drop the tax cut for the payroll tax. It weakens the Social Security program and gives Congress more fuel for the fire. When a Republican says they want to let you "invest your Social Security" in the stock market” what they are really saying is "give us your social security and you are on your own. Don’t worry about us – the lobbyists will give us a nice cut and we will have a nice government pension. Just like the hospitalization, you lose the half contribution that the company pays in for you.. Oh, if we "send the country's economy off the cliff - you lose it all - but don't worry about us! We got ours up front!

A "fair and just" immigration policy to all Americans and viable immigrants.

As far as defense, get some auditors in there, clean it up - and clear out the waste! Leave the soldiers and employees alone.

Education - seems like we have realized the problem after 20 years. The country cannot continue to "chop off educators heads" when the economy shows down. And it does seem we are recognizing the need for “trade schools, "tech schools" and "non-college" career schools.

Last, but not least, why do we have a third world country election system! This system needs to be overhauled starting the day after the election. There is no reason each State does not have their registrations cleaned up a year before an election and clean them up every six months – and no reason, Governors can make up their own election laws and then throw out lawsuits, left and right, just months before an election.


Cut all subsidies and tax breaks to business.

Let all the Bush cuts expire!

Drop all the tax loopholes, including the “carried interest” that allows money to go out  of the country before it is ever taxed in this country.

Put a 50% fee on all political contributions and super pacs that operate under the 501 C 4′s and actually have those fees go to the States for “social welfare.”  This is the rules of the 501C 4′s but all goes to support “politics” and nothing for society.  The States can be limited to what they use the money for – education, community revitalization.

Let “free market” have its freedom.  No more government dollars for any “private enterprises.  Not one red cent!  No more hundreds of millions to build stadium halls, to prop up businesses.

No more government money to sponsor “horse shows,”  “canoodling”  or any activities  run by private business and not for the good of society as a whole.

There!  Takes us much closer to a balanced budget!


Headlines reads: "3 EXECS GIVE MILLIONS TO TARGET DEMS", Dallas Morning News, Texas & Southwest, Pg. 3A, Friday, July 30th, 2010 by Wayne Slater, Senior Pollitical Writer, DMN.
      Dallas' Simmons, Rowling, Rees-Jones back ROVE-led effort against Reid, others...........

     The article opens with: "Dallas oilman Trevor Rees-Jones may not know Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but he's betting one million dollars that he can make the Nevada Democrat's political life more difficult these days.

     "Rees-Jones is helping bankroll a group spearheaded by KARL ROVE and funded largely by Texans to air TV spots attacking Reid and other Democrats.

   " Virginia-based American Crossroads has raised $4.7  million - two thirds of it from Texas - for a national effort.  Dallas billionaires are providing much of the money.

   "Rees Jones, president and CEO of privately held Chief Oil and Gas, and investorsHarold Simmons and Robert Rowling have given $1 million dollars each. Of 29 donors to American Crossroads, 20 are from the Lone Star State.

   "So far the effort has been aimed at unseating Reid in Nevade and defeating Joe Sestak, the Democratic Senate nominee in Pennsylvania, with TV ads in their home states. Both face stiff Republican challenges."

   Further, it intends to
target Senate races in Arkansas, Colorado, Washington State, Flordia, Illinois and Missouri.  Another article of July 20th added Ohio and New Hampshire but failed to mention Illinois.

   Back to the quote, "Contributions by American Crossroads are public. But a reported reluctance by some doners to be identified has proposed the creation of another organization, American Crossroads
GPS, which has a different tax status and is not required to disclose its donors."

      The American Crossroads
GPS operates under the 501(c) 4 instead of the 527 (Swiftboaters of 2004 deceit) an IRS law that allows donors to remain behind closed doors but must deal with issues - (not set up to target individual candidates.)

      The primise behind the "secret donor" supposedly is to keep the affiliation of some of the organizors silent - at the top of the list (according to some secret operatives) is KARL ROVE.

        WOW!  It's Been Awhile!

...Down here in Texas, not much goin' on.

Women still in bondage, lots of cheap labor.

Education always on the chopping block!

Excitement over elections, ridding the State of the 'ole buddy' cronyism.

'Til we learned our monsters are just creating monsters of different calibers.

Voting rights whacked all to @#&^%$^#! Bring your DNA sample along with the other ID items.

Did you notice, nothing is uniform in this country? Every State, many scream State's Rights-- except when it comes to Federal $$$'s

Don't know what to think of that ACA. Don't know how Washington could be in business this long and let the insurance companies have a free ride. That’s what happens when Capitalism is based on the bottom line – with much of the public and Federal $'s. My theory, if you are part of the investment, you have the power to contribute to laws that cover your investment.  What the heck is insurance anyway?  Whose idea was it to neglect the fact that health insurance mean 'health' not just a pick and choose the healthiest or the richest and to the gallows with the rest. Even the nonprofits are more interested in the $$'s than practicing medicine. The doctors (honest ones, anyway) and the medical professionals strive to practice "good medicine" but are set up in a "factory" type situation where volume and referrals are the only alternative to increase their income.

And to throw this into a "wrecked tax system" is just insane. This tax system already has over 70,000 laws, many so conflicting, it would confuse Einstein and it is just being garbled up with more garbage.  If Congress wants to reform the tax system -- they need to read the report, they ordered from some years back and do plenty of due diligence.  And tax systems should be for collections -- not avoidance, dodging, corporate welfare or any welfare system.

On to the food stamp battle. Did Congress ever think about cutting out soft drinks, sweets and sugars, fast foods, lobster tails...?

Every high school should be teaching cooking classes and one of the requirements should be reading one of the many books --"Quick and Healthy Meals on a Budget."

If child hunger exists in this country, more than likely, it is the failure of delivery rather than the lack of food. After all, don't we throw away millions of gallons of food away in this country, each year?  Do the lobbyists write the criteria for food subsistence in this country?

     Maybe it is time we fill Washington with comptrollers, teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists and professions who can solve the country's problems -- and make the words -- politicians and lobbyists -- obsolete!


July 3rd,  2013

...Changed cable channels just moments ago ---Egypt's military just ousted Morsi.    Blessings, may real Democracy and Peace come to your country and the Middle East.  Praying for a safe and fair transition for all good citizens.


...This is not the first time Wendy Davis has fought a "repressive government body"! She has fought hard for education, healthcare and the general well being of the "average" Texan. 


...The Republican Party is veering away from 'romancing' the Hispanic voters and  trying to 'dig' up the 'lost' white votes.  You might be surprised what you will be seeing at the graveyards if you slip late at night.  Lookin' for votes in all the wrong places!





...Watch Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.  He's a bit of 'McCarthyism' and somewhat a 'Tea Partier'  but compared to most of the Texas Legislators he appears to be extremely intelligent and may prove to be 'his own man' with independent thought!


...A new synonym for 'homeless'   What is Snowden!

...All dressed up and no place to go...     

...A man without a country...

Here are some images from my buddy's blog:

Check out this link: unPAC.org

Some Tax Facts.........
By Sagebrush - Aug 31, 2012 3:07:57 PM ET

New tax facts. The following information was take from different sources, the IRS., the Tax Policy Center and the American Center for Progress.

...............Tax revenue is the lowest since 1950. Less than 15% of GDP, the lowest since before World War II.
...............The top marginal rates are historically low on ordinary income. In 1945, the top rate was 94%. As of 2011, the top rate is 35%.
...............House of Representatives have suggested lowering it to 25%. This would be the lowest tax rate since 1931.
...............Taxes on investments are a historically low. 15% maximum in 2011 compared to the previous 25% rate before.
...............Taxes on estates have virtually disappeared.
...............Taxes on corporations have declined. In 1945, corporations paid 7.2% of the tax bill. In 2011, they paid 1.3%.
................U.S. raises much less on corporate tax than any of the other developed countries as a share of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product.).In 2009, the U.S> paid an average 25% less than the other developed countries.....
...............U.S. corporations are taxed far less than their foreign rivals.
...............Corporate tax breaks and loopholes have proliferated since 2001, now with a value exceeding ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

Huffington Post: Jonathan Krohn, Reformed Conservative Boy Wonder, Responds To Criticism (VIDEO)

Huffington Post: Wall Street Journal: Mitt Romney Is 'Squandering' Candidacy With Health Care Tax Snafu

Reagan's Healthcare Mandate - Salon.com

Identity thieves could rake in $26 billion in tax refunds | National News - WCVB Home

Comic Relief: Judicial Watch Reveals White House Bias Against Fox News

CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Billions flowed to organizations with lawmaker, family ties

Let's just say it: The Republicans are the problem

Do Not Ask What We Do? Book by Robert Draper
By Yellowrose - May 3, 2012 6:12:32 AM ET

Do Not Ask What We Do is a book written by Robert Draper telling about the "Come to Jesus Meeting" held by Frank Lutz and 15 House Members during the January 20th,2008 Inauguration trying to figure out where the Republicans had gone so wrong! After their cleansing of their woeful souls - they cqme to their grand 'patriotic" solution - they would oppose every effort of the President. (Of course, it did not prevent them from grabbing the "stimulus" money by the hundreds of millions of dollars - (and throwing it down the drain - while their States laid off teachers, law enforcement and State workers by the thousands.) Note, the last sentence was not in the book.

Please get your copy - Do Not Ask What We Do by Robert Draper.

Koch Brothers Exposed...................
By Yellowrose - May 3, 2012 4:18:08 AM ET

Check out Robert Greenwald.s new film - Koch Brothers Exposed.com ..................

Robert Greenwald is President of Brave New Films. This film shows us how wealth and greed often goes hand and hand and is destroying this democracy.......

Check out this article in Bark Back News!

Grover Norquist, called the billionaire's best friend!
By Sagebrush - Dec 20, 2011 12:17:14 PM ET

The Republican Party is almost totally pledged to this guy! Except for the few smart ones. Count those pledges!

This guy co-founded the Islamic Free Market Institute - his Islamic wife served as a director............

What a reputable Senator said about Norquist: "I believe Mr>Norquist is connected with or has profited from a number of unsavory people outside the mainstream.

The Islams' are certainly entitled to their beliefs but you can be assured if they are connected with Norquist, they will be of questionable character.

Over half our government is run by this questionable guy, with questionable credentials, questionable associates, who are pledged to his "rathead" theory he thought up when he was 10 or 12 and riding a school bus home!

Got the best idea for cuts.................
By Sagebrush - Dec 20, 2011 11:55:10 AM ET

How you like this one? Cut the House of Representatives in half. Two for the little states, three for the medium states and 4 for the large states.

Not enough would pass the background checks and ethics rules, if they were properly given, anyway!

And it is evident the more of 'em you have, the less efficient the government is. Priceless!

Rick Perry double dipping................
By Sagebrush - Dec 20, 2011 11:15:00 AM ET

Rick Perry is drawing his pension, at the same time he draws his Governor salaries. At the tune of $92,000 a year additional income. And he has not one bit of shame!

This, all the while, he is laying off teachers and setting out new rules to cut back on teachers retirements, salaries and benefits. And cutting way back on education. This year is nothing, compared to the layoffs coming to education next year!

Not to mention taking the first stimulus money to balance the budget. Wanna know why we don't have decent bridges, roads and services. Look at the Republican playbook!

When will Washington wise up and stop the incessant flow of money to Texas! They take hundreds of millions to build a couple designer bridges, while the real ratty bridges sink! They have ripped off medicaid and medicare of ungodly sums.

Rick Scott got his millions as chief executive of Columbia HCA. In 1997, he was forced to resign over the company's business and Medicare business practices.

The company ultimately admitted to 14 felonies and agreed to pay the government $600 million dollars! Guess he absconded with his loot to Florida - and look where he is now - the Governor of Florida!

Then there is that Florida car dealership owner! Under investigation for having his employees contribute to his campaign then paying them back. Good gig, if you can get it.

Down there with great company! Until we have "ethical checks and complete background checks before we allow these people to run for political office - government will continue to be controlled by "fast actors."

Foreclosures - plenty of these and unpaid federal loans in the Tea Party group! Marco Rubio and Florida State Representative, David Rivera shared a condo which fell into foreclosure. Deadbeat dad, Joe Walsh had a foreclosure on his record.

And Issa, how disgusting it is to watch him drill an honorable Eric Holder, when he should never been allowed in the front door of the capitol. Where are the background checks!

Flores of Texas stiffed the federal government of 5.9 million loan for his energy business. .........too much, too many, too little, too late!